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When Nobody Was Watching

At the height of what was supposed to be her athletic prime, Carli Lloyd was cut from the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team and told point-blank that she wasn’t national-team material.  Despondent and devastated, she contemplated retirement before connecting with her coach/mentor, James Galanis, overhauling her mental and physical commitment and commencing a remarkable journey to the pinnacle of her sport, highlighted by the hat trick she scored in the first 16 minutes of the World Cup Final.

The only U.S. player in history to twice be named FIFA Player of the Year, Lloyd candidly shares the full arc of her story in this powerful memoir, giving readers unparalleled insight into what it takes to be a world-class athlete.

Critical Praise

"A remarkable portrait of the relentless drive and sacrifice required to truly be the best"


"When Nobody Was Watching provides a harrowing account of athletes’ sacrifices. Lloyd’s single-mindedness has undoubtedly put her in a different plane to most people."

The Guardian

"We are reminded time and time again that our role models, the people we think we know because they play for our favorite team, are not at all who we thought. Otherworldly skills and talents aside, they face the same challenges, heartbreaks and doubts as we do. That’s the message that comes through in Lloyd’s book…"

USA Today

"If you are a real soccer player – then this is the book for you to read . . .Open and refreshing . . . From the preface to the epilogue, this book is filled with passion and the solid wisdom of a winner . . . Inspiring and uplifting. Definitely a GREAT READ"