Wayne Coffey

Best-Selling Author & Journalist

Winning Sounds Like This

Winning Sounds Like This is the remarkable story of one of the nation’s most unique and compelling women’s basketball teams, a touching chronicle of  the players from Gallaudet University, who don’t hear buzzers or hear cheers, a coach who has never used a whistle, and a university that is a mecca for deaf culture throughout the world. More than just a basketball story, this book is a celebration of community, of perseverance, of young women who live by these words: “Deaf people can do everything but hear.”

Critical Praise

"Winning Sounds Like This is as charming as it is urgent and sometimes heartbreaking. The Lady Bison occupy a whine-free space in which challenges are opportunities, miracles occur on a routine basis, and the routine is its own miracle. If I knew how to sign, I this is what I would say: 'Read, cherish, and cheer.' "

Madeleine Blias, author of the best-selling In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle

"Wayne Coffey has few peers when it comes to writing about basketball. That his subjects are female and deaf only adds to the beauty of this special book. Winning not only sounds like this, it reads like this."

Peter Golenbock, author

"You will never forget your season with the Gallaudet Bisons.Winning Sounds Like This is ultimately a book about the beauty of sport, about the memories it gives us, the way it lives on in our imagination long after the game is over. You will feel as if you have lived the season. And at the end, you will stand up and cheer. "

Mike Lupica, NY Daily News

"Winning Sounds Like This is much more than a book about basketball. Coffey shows deep appreciation for deaf culture and its critical role in the lives of so many – especially the players about whom he writes. For deaf and hearing readers alike, this is a book that inspires from start to finish."